Co-Founder & CEO  Patrick James Lynch

Co-Founder & CEO
Patrick James Lynch

Believe’s primary focus is creating entertainment that affects change. My co-founder Ryan Gielen started out as an independent filmmaker and I started out as an actor. He had award-winning films in festivals around the world. I was performing in national commercials and off-Broadway. But we never really felt fulfilled. We wanted to take the art we loved and use it to improve lives, to make the work about more than ourselves. Over a meal and a few drinks I shared the story of losing my brother, Adam, to hemophilia. Within a few months we were working together to reach young people like Adam through educational comedy, and our webseries Stop the Bleeding! was born. We parlayed the success of the web series to pitch other impactful projects aimed at varying demos, and today our work in the health space is broad, deep and diverse. Please click around, and reach out with questions. We would love to help bring your educational and inspirational messages to the world.

Breaking Through!

Three-day musical theater/art therapy intensive in New York City, for 25 bleeding disorder community teens.

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HTC Guided Tour

Our HTC Guided Tour video is the first of its kind in the community.

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BloodStream Media

A podcast network aimed at the bleeding disorders and other chronic conditions communities.

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Helping Hany

3-part stop-motion animation series on living as a young woman with von Willebrand disease. 

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Plasma Products

Three-part scripted narrative telling the story of a newly-diagnosed family deciding on hemophilia medications.

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Bombardier Blood

Feature documentary following the first person with severe hemophilia to attempt to summit Mount Everest.

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Treatment For All

10-part documentary series on the disparity of care for people with bleeding disorders in the developing world.

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Factor Feud

Original Gameshow style event designed to teach bleeding disorder community members about critical changes to health insurance platforms.

Stop The Bleeding!

Award-winning comedic educational web series about a bleeding disorders nonprofit, for kids, families and young adults.

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Powering Through

Nationwide live event series featuring inspiring guests from inside and outside the bleeding disorders community.

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Better You Know

15-part patient-video series aimed at increasing early diagnoses of von Willebrands disease.

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