Believe Launches First of its Kind HTC Guided Tour

Believe is proud to launch a guided video tour of a typical hemophilia treatment center ("HTC"), hosted by the cast of the hit web series, Stop The Bleeding! The tour is the centerpiece of the powerful new HTC Guided Tour website,

HTC's are the standard of care nationwide for people with bleeding disorders because they provide care in the "comprehensive care model," where the focus of the staff of physicians, nurses, physical therapists, social workers and others is to treat the entire life of a person with a bleeding disorder.

This comprehensive approach to care ensures better outcomes and fewer ER visits, which means a less expensive, more productive and comfortable lifespan.
The HTC Guided Tour and 2 episodes of our award-winning web series Stop the Bleeding! set in the HTC are available on the website in English and Spanish.

Stop The Bleeding! and its related properties are made possible by Shire.